The App

HASHWallet Manager

From an unmatched onboarding experience, intuitive crypto transactions, and a hassle-free wallet recovery system with the HASHWallet Manager App, you will always have control of what’s going on.

A secure app and friendly experience

Manage with maximum security and trade with your Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins and other tokens in an application designed for your comfort and use.

HASHWallet Manager add crypto assets

Assets supported

HASHWallet is capable to process any signed instruction using HOLa. Our HASHWallet Operations Language based on macros that allows HASHWallet users to store and operate virtually any cryptocurrency. Your HASHWallet LInk card will be always upgrade, without purchasing a card or risky firmware updates.

Portfolio view

Manage one or more cards and see your portfolio at a glance.
Review your transactions and the distribution of your assets in a space specially designed for you to have the best experience.

HASHWallet Manager trade, buy, sell, and swap

Buy, sell and swap

Thanks to our Simplex and Changelly integrations, you can trade with total peace of mind.
With HASHWallet Manager and HASHWallet Link card, enjoy carrying out operations with your wallets such as send, receive, buy, sell, and swap.

Wallet Connect

Use Wallet Connect protocol to connect to dApps with security and ease.

Backup center

  • eSignus Backup Center logo

    Easy-to-use backup of the wallets keys

    Private and secure recovery system of your keys.

  • Request a duplicate of HASHWallet card

    Order duplicates when you need them

    Order a mirror duplicate of a card when you need it.

  • Backup your portfolio structure

    Backup of the portfolio view structure

    Avoid ghost wallets. You will never lose your personal config.