Highly secure Hashwallet Link for all your crypto assets Highly secure Hashwallet Link for all your crypto assets


Easy to use like a hot wallet, and secure like a cold wallet, is the most precise definition of HASHWallet devices. Deployed in Europe under the most strict quality standards.

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HASHWallet Manager

What a secure wallet does, and much more.

HASHWallet is a suite of solutions based on the combination of a manager App and devices in card format that allows people to manage cryptos and access Web3 securely and privately.
HASHWallet Manager is an App allowing users to securely and privately manage crypto assets. It is a powerful tandem that creates a fluent experience.

Get ready for the future with HASHWallet

Hashwallet Most trusted crypto wallet

Secure your assets with ease - our tamper-proof wallet is as user-friendly as a credit card!

Secure your digital assets with HASHWallet Link today and stay ahead of the game!

Non programmable.

NFC Connectivity.

CE, FCC, EAL 6+, RoHS Certifications.

A secure Back-Up system that protects your keys from loss or theft.